User Instructions

  1. Download the smartphone app using the following links or searching for connected kerb in the app store or Google play.
  2. To start a charge, insert your cable into the type 2 socket on the charger.
  3. Twist the socket in the direction of the arrows to open the automatic shutter and insert securely.
  4. Led status will flash GREEN to indicated that it’s ready to proceed.
  5. Start the charge:
    Swipe your RFID membership card that’s registered to your account on the contactless logo displayed on the charger. Or, activate the charger within the Connected Kerb app. 
  6. The charging session will now start; the LED status will turn BLUE and the cable will lock into the charger.
  7. To stop a charge, swipe your RFID membership card or press stop charging within the Connected Kerb app.
  8. The charger will unlock the cable and LED status will return to GREEN.